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The Sephardic Torah Center of Marine Park was established 6 years ago in the summer of 2015 as a
small basement shul at the home of our Rabbi Eliyahu C Aboud of Ateret Torah. It was the only
Sephardic minyan in the neighborhood. At that time, the shul was comprised of less than 20 families. The shul was a massive success from its inception creating excitement and commitments from its small, yet fast growing, community. Many programs were initiated to uplift the community members entire household including classes for ladies, youth minyan programs and beyond. The shul established a night-time Kollel for Ateret Torah Avrechim to solidify the foundation of Torah and Kedusha for the Kehila.

Barely a year later, we outgrew the basement shul and rented a place on Quentin and E 36th to
accommodate the fast-growing Kehila in Marine Park. News spread of a successful Sephardic shul in Marine Park resulting in many new families moving in quickly filling the shul beyond its capacity.
Fast forward 5 years later, B"H we are on the verge of acquiring a new home for the Sephardic Torah Center of Marine Park with a primary goal: More space to accommodate our fast growing congregation (well over 100 families), more Torah learning in the shuls bet midrash, more daily minyanin, more classes and programs. This effort was tried a number of times before without success. B"H the most recent effort, met with tremendous Siyata D'Shmaya, we've successfully entered in to contract to acquire two adjacent mixed use commercial properties located at Quentin and E 31st street.

We've embarked on an ambitious project. When all said and done, STC of Marine Park will require
nearly $2.2 million to be completed. With Bitachon in Hashem, we are confident of its success. B"H the
greater Sephardic community of Brooklyn has been blessed with many wonderful Yeshivot, Shuls,
Mikvehs, Batei Midrash, Chesed organizations and more. All this has been made possible by Hashem's blessing and the coveted philanthropists and regular donors alike who wholeheartedly believe in contributing L'Shem Shamayim.

In conclusion, we are turning to you, to the very builders of Torah in our community at large, to help us
reach our goal. We appeal to you to join our efforts and help make the dream of this necessary
expansion become a reality.

Thank you.
Sincerely yours,

Rabbi Eliyahu C. Aboud

Mark Levy

Dear Shul member and friend,

We are very proud of the past year's accomplishments and progress that our shul has made. We have been making much use of our additional space downstairs and look forward to make even more additions in the future to accommodate our growing Kahal. Our membership has more than trippled in this past year. We hope Hashem continues to help us grow together in Torah and Yirat Shamayim in the future – Amen.

We would like everyone to know that the shul has a daily Shacharit minyanim at 7:00 AM every morning followed with the Daily Halachah as well as a Daf Yomi class after Shacharit. Anyone interested in joining is welcome and can contact the Rabbi. We also have Mincha/Arvit everyday 20 minutes before Shekia. We also have an evening Chavruta Learning Program Mondays and Wednesdays 8:30PM - 9:30PM followed by Arvit. To join any of the minyanim and/or shiurim contact our Rabbi at 718-490-0043.

We would like to thank all those that have been sponsoring our weekly Seuda Shelishit, Ladies Tehillim Readings and Avot U’Banim programs. We are appealing now to everyone in our shul to please join our annual membership group. Our monthly expenses as of now are already over $12,000 and we would like to add even more programs and events for the men, women and children of our Kahal. 

Annual Membership - $400 ($1.10 a day)

Please contact us about joining. Get started with helping this great Torah institution and make an impact on the Sephardic Marine Park Community to grow and flourish!

With Torah Blessings,

The Board, Sephardic Torah Center of Marine Park

Tue, July 27 2021 18 Av 5781